Patient and Parent Reminder

Reminder to all patients that our surgery is open 08:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday. We ask that you consider using our website to submit non-urgent queries in the first instance via

Our phone lines are open and all urgent queries must be phoned through to reception on 02088633333. You will receive a telephone assessment and be sign posted as appropriate.

A reminder particularly to parents that you should seek advice for your child if you have concerns about their health. During working hours contact the surgery or 111 out of hours or at the weekend. The emergency department at the hospital and 999 are available and should be used in case of emergency.

A useful guide for parents during the current pandemic can be found on the link below:


Updated 14 May 2020

The Connecting Care for Children team, with our Practice Champion Hanan Ghouneim, have been pulling together useful information to help answer questions from local parents:

What does it look and sound like if my child is having difficulty breathing?

If your child is having severe difficulty in breathing they might make a grunting sound

If your child is finding it hard to breathe they might suck their stomach in under their ribs, at their neck or between their ribs

How do I do the ‘glass test’ and what does the rash look like?

A quick video of what the glass test looks like

What does the Coronavirus cough sound like?

Laura Foster, BBC News’ Health and Science Reporter, explains the cough and fever symptoms of coronavirus in adults [children might have a fever or show other signs of illness such as a headache, tummy ache, vomiting or diarrhoea with no cough]:

When should I worry if my child has symptoms of coronavirus?

Children can get coronavirus (COVID-19), but they seem to get it less often than adults and it’s usually less serious. See the NHS advice for parents and what to do if your child has some of the coronavirus symptoms:

What are the at risk health conditions for children?

‘Protecting your child from infection including shielding the most vulnerable’ has advice for parents on children who are at higher risk of getting a severe infection:

How do I know if my child has severe asthma?

For advice on what counts as high risk asthma see the shielding advice for very high risk groups:

What should I do about immunisations?

GP surgeries are making special efforts to make it safe for babies and children to still have their immunisations e.g. using a separate entrance. It is important that your child still has their routine vaccinations. Contact your GP if you know your child is due a routine vaccination.

How can I get an emergency dentist appointment for my child?

Because of coronavirus (COVID-19) all routine dental treatment have been stopped. Call your dentist if you need urgent dental treatment. Call 111 if you do not have a dentist or cannot contact your dentist, you will be triaged by a dental nurse and given an appointment if you need to be seen

What if I’m worried about my children’s mental health?

Good Thinking provides mental health and wellbeing advice for parents in London. They also have specific resources for autism, eating disorders and ADHD: