Changes to GP Services During COVID-19

  1. Understanding the changes to GP services due to COVID-19

The animation below may help you understand the changes to our services at Enderley Road Medical Centre and in the wider Harrow area.

2. Can I get help from my GP surgery?

Yes. We continue to provide most GP services at the medical centre however, in line with national guidance we now use a telephone-first model with full triage of all appointments. Please note not all routine services are being run at this time and this predominantly affects face-to-face chronic disease reviews, health checks and minor surgery.

3. How do I get in touch with the surgery?

If you feel that you need to speak to a medical professional please contact the surgery as early in the day as possible. You are asked not to attend the surgery where possible for your initial query unless requested to do so. You can call us on 0208 863 3333. If you feel that your query needs to be discussed on the day, you will be contacted by the next available doctor from the duty team. Note that if you have a routine query then you will be offered the next available routine consultation to discuss the issue (within the same week).

Please bear with us as we are experiencing very high call volumes and you may find that alternative methods are easier for you than calling if your query is not urgent.

4. Are there alternatives to calling the surgery?

Yes and please make use of these for non-urgent or administrative queries wherever possible. Our practice website is accessible via computers and most mobile phones at

Our website has a wealth of self-help advice. Please visit our Treatment Room. 

You can submit routine queries to be reviewed by a doctor or nurse by completing our Ask A Doctor A Question form. 

Discover resources to help with your chronic health conditions in our Wellbeing Centre.

There is a section of the website relating specifically to COVID-19 with information about local Harrow as well as national support. Please visit our COVID-19 Support Room. 

5. How have consultations changed?

If you contact the surgery, you may be offered telephone or video consultation at the discretion of the duty team. Please ensure you are available and able to receive a return phone call. The reception team will confirm we have the correct telephone number on our system. Please do your best to be prepared for the call. For example, if your issue relates to a skin condition it may be helpful for you to have taken some photographs that can then be sent to your doctor to review when they request it.

The doctor or nurse you speak to may send you information following the consultation via text message, they may direct you to look at online resources or our practice website.

6. What if I just need a sick note or a letter?

Please try to use our website for these administrative queries. Our website has forms designed for you to be able to request letters and sick notes so please make use of this facility. Please visit our Administration Office. 

Please note that we do not issue sick notes for COVID-19 illness or if you are isolating due to a family member having symptoms of COVID-19. Please obtain an NHS 111 isolation note here to pass to your employer at

7. I am worried about my ongoing health problem. What do I do? Can I be referred to see a specialist?

We continue to run a service to monitor chronic health issues to ensure they do not worse in the current pandemic. Urgent blood tests remain available at the surgery but we have taken steps to reduce the numbers of patients in the surgery at any one time. Our nurses are also running telephone and video consultations to discuss improving diabetic control, asthma and COPD reviews.

You may be supported to monitor your condition at home. You can submit home blood pressure readings can be submitted to the surgery via our website, you can complete information on your asthma or COPD so the nurses can help you improve your breathing, submit requests for your contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy or complete a PHQ-9 questionnaire regarding your depression.

Please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic. 

Please note that for most services, we are not able to refer patients to routine hospital services during the current pandemic. However, urgent services are still available such suspected cancer clinics and rapid access chest pain clinics but may be running differently. We may also be able to write to specialists to obtain advice.

8. How do I get my regular medication?

You can request medication via our website. If you have not previously registered for Patient Access we strongly encourage you to do so. Using this system you can not only request your medications but view your medical record and results. Please complete our Register for Online Services form.  

You can access this system at or download an app for your phone to use it. Please note that we are not currently booking face-to-face appointments via this system in the current pandemic.

We would request all patients nominate pharmacies to process their medication requests to reduce the number of prescriptions collected from the surgery. You can do this by contacting a pharmacy directly or from Patient Access. Once your medication request is approved by a doctor, the prescription will then go electronically to this destination. You can then arrange to collect it from there or contact them to request delivery (if available).

9. Can I see a doctor face-to-face?

If your problem cannot be managed with the above, you will be seen face-to-face. Depending on your symptoms this may be at the surgery, at a GP hub or in your home.

Within Harrow, there are designated GP hubs that see patients with COVID-19 symptoms (hot hubs) and non-COVID-19 symptoms (cold hubs). Our cold hubs are currently located at the Pinn Medical Centre and Belmont East GP Hub. Our hot hub (for those with suspected COVID-19 symptoms) is based at Alexandra Avenue Clinic. You can find more information in our Treatment Room.

To access these services you require an appointment. Contact the surgery or call 111 from where bookings can be made. Calls to 999 should be made only in the case of severe symptoms or emergency.

You should not be alarmed that the members of staff that sees at the surgery or elsewhere will likely be wearing protective gear including masks, also known as PPE. This is to protect both their own as well as your health.