VCS Lead – Food and Essential Supplies

Harrow Central Mosque mobile food & essentials delivery service

Available to over 60’s or have physical or mental health needs and in coronavirus isolation.

Phone / text: 07874 869 484



London Community Kitchen (Based in Harrow & Wealdstone) Surplus food market

Currently focusing on supporting those most in need via social workers but running some sessions open to the public. Facebook is best place to see when they are open

Location: The Bridge Centre, Christchurch Ave, Harrow, HA3 5BD

Taz Khan // 07366 088811

Free School Meals at Home (Available to families with a social worker)

The Aydin Foundation is taking steps to ensure that no child goes hungry by providing the alternative to free school meals at home. Only available to children who have a social worker.

020 3874 2343

My Yard (South Harrow)

Community food project for Grange Farm Estate. They are distributing shopping bags of surplus and meals cooked by a local takeaway looking for drivers and can help those in need. Mostly in South Harrow.

OneForty (West Harrow)

Community space including some surplus food distribution. Open at limited times to distribute food and so best to check our Facebook page for specific opening times which vary according to food availability.

(140 Vaughan Road, West Harrow)


Harrow Food Bank

In order to provide the most appropriate help for your circumstances we work with local agencies. If they feel you are struggling to put food on the table, they will issue you with a foodbank voucher. The local agency can also provide long term support if needed to help address some of the issues behind the reasons for your crisis. Agencies we work with include: Citizens Advice, housing support officers, children’s centres, health visitors, social services and some local charities. This voucher can then be redeemed at one of their collection points:

Harrow Carers

Particular support for food for elderly caring for each other or isolated with no support system, i.e family friends or neighbours that can shop on their behalf, or deliver food/essentials to them on a weekly basis.

Telephone Number: 0208 868 5224

376 to 378 Pinner Road, North Harrow HA2 6DZ